100% Australian grower owned.

Since 1987, when a group of innovative Walgett wheat farmers formed the Walgett Special One Cooperative as a way to maximise their returns in a market dominated by the AWB and the single desk, we have been a leading Australian grain and pulse marketing organisation. With our roots in Walgett NSW, we now operate across the entire east coast, managing key alliances in an integrated supply chain extending from the farm gate to domestic and international customers.

Our personalised service philosophy is about returning value to growers and ensuring maximum returns and minimum risk. We’ve spent the time getting to know our customers, developing and testing our marketing programs over our 30 year history.

For growers, we offer a range of innovative and superior quality marketing programs and cash trading options, tailored to suit their requirements. To the trade and consumers, we provide secure supply and reliable contract execution.

We are always aiming to improve the service we provide to our growers and work hard to evolve and innovate. With a strong history in pools, cash trading is now also a major focus of our business, servicing our domestic and overseas end-users on a large variety of commodities. This cash trading business is a reflection of the change to the way our growers want to market their grain.

Integral to our expansion has also been the development and maintenance of trusted, long-term partnerships enabling us to continually deliver results for growers. We have a proven track record of innovation, constantly improving our capacity to satisfy long term customers and identify new markets. Special One Grain Accumulator Pty Ltd (trading as Special One Grain) is 100% owned by growers. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Walgett Special One Co-operative Ltd.

Our Team


Jaimee Carrigan
m: 0427 136 218
e: jaimee@specialonegrain.com.au

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John Malone
Domestic Trader
m: 0447 881 228
e: John.Malone@specialonegrain.com.au


Nic Habgood
m: 0448 205 484
e: nic.habgood@specialonegrain.com.au


Georgie Currey
Grower Services
m: 0417 835 227
e: Georgie.Currey@specialonegrain.com.au

Lizzie Waters.jpg

Lizzie Waters
Marketing & Communications
p: 1300 281 228
e: lizzie@specialonegrain.com.au


Jacky Sung
Export Trader
m: 0431 188 770
e: jacky.sung@specialonegrain.com.au


Harminder Singh
p: 1300 281 228
e: harminder@specialonegrain.com.au

Emily Wilson.jpg

Emily Wilson
Grower Services
m: 0417 933 714
e: emily.wilson@specialonegrain.com.au

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