Domestic Markets at a Glance

It seems like many people are growing in scepticism every time we see a rain forecast develop then dissipate, but the central west may finally be in line for a change. At the time of writing, scattered rain is falling over Eastern Australia, anticipation building as to whether these rain events are futile in isolation or if there will be much welcomed follow up rain. The forecast shows potential for falls in the coming week, which would be gladly received by anyone who has taken the punt in dry sowing a winter crop.

Domestic feed markets have been less liquid with traders watching to see what eventuates from scattered rainfall, while spot loads in drought markets continue to be booked irrespective of values in traditional feed markets. 

SFW delivered Darling Downs likely to trade at $408-410 for July delivery.

Faba Bean spot loads in NNSW trading around $545 delivered locally.

Cotton Seed trading around $345 ex Gin.

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