Copy of Introducing Boolah Commodity Management

Special One Grain is now offering competitive pricing at all Boolah Commodity Management sites

Operating in Northern NSW, BCM is a private, family owned storage, handling and logistic provider, providing northern growers with a reliable, convenient and independent alternative.

Offering three sites:

‘Belahna’: 50km north of Moree, 80km south of Goondiwindi just off the Newell Highway. Access by road trains and AB triples.

‘Roburn’: 40km north-east of Moree, 20km north of Pallamallawa. Access by road train via Newell Highway or Gwydir Highway. 

‘Bengalala’: 10kms north of Gunnedah. Access by road trains via Kamilaroi Highway.

BCM sites  are open to all grain & cotton seed storage & handling agreements, with private segregation available upon negotiation with management.

For more information, find BCM on Facebook.